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Southern Fried Jazz Band Show On Tour It's All About the Jazz

The Southern Fried Jazz Band revives New Orleans, Chicago and Midwestern-spawned numbers as it takes its audiences on a colorful journey that increases their understanding and appetite for live jazz and the important role it plays in America’s culture. From hot jazz to soulful blues, the Southern Fried Jazz Show blends music with the narration and anecdotes of leader/trumpet player Don Edwards, whose background includes performing Dixieland jazz while on tour with the big bands. He later played with several Dixieland bands during his fifteen years in Vegas. He also backed some of the Dixieland greats, including Louis Armstrong and the World’s Greatest Jazz Band.

Edwards operates the Southern Fried Jazz Band “like a well-oiled machine.” Each member of the band is a show-wise performer and jazz artist in his own right who enjoys some time in the spotlight, and has learned to always expect the unexpected from Edwards. This results in a freshness and excitement in every performance that never fails to mesmerize the audience. After seeing the show three times, Jill Moore, a recent convert and true devotee, wrote, “I hope these guys know how much good they are doing. At every show there were kids that were having a blast with the music. I do believe that God isn’t finished with these guys yet!!! (They have) lots of people to touch with their experiences and their wonderful music.”…… And, indeed, they do!

The rich, captivating music of this skilled ensemble causes the most conservative audience to demand an encore. As she was leaving the theatre, a member of the audience in Hazelton, PA was overheard exclaiming, “This band belongs on the National Treasure List!”…..And, indeed, it does!

Southern Fried Jazz Band with Don and Allie paying tribute to Louie Armstrong

Louie lives!

Southern Fried Jazz Band Show Now You're Cookin'

“Now you’re cookin’!”

Southern Fried Jazz Band Hot Licks With the Drum Sticks

Hot licks with th’ sticks!

Along with its regular show the Southern Fried Jazz Band is in demand for its holiday shows as well as a wide variety of special events. It also offers outreach programs in conjunction with its regular show. To view the details of each of these options, along with testimonials about the band, please click on the appropriate button below.

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