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Experience the Best and Most Authentic Dixieland Jazz Band on the Scene Today!

The Southern Fried Jazz Band is a Dixieland jazz band based in Charlotte, North Carolina, whose captivating music and showmanship have launched it from the Piedmont foothills into the national spotlight. No stranger to that spotlight, leader Don Edwards has shared the stage with Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and many other jazz greats over the years. Edwards and each of his handpicked jazz artists perform their music with an assurance and spontaneity that evoke an enthusiasm for live jazz that never fails to WOW the audience. As part of the performing arts and community concert series, the Southern Fried Jazz Band performs its show in cities and towns across the country. The show is both entertaining and educational. Traditional Dixieland tunes become an integral part of a colorful history lesson that describes how jazz developed into the only art form America has given the world. Each performance evolves into an experience to be remembered long after the band has left the stage.

Along with its regular show, the Southern Fried Jazz Band performs holiday shows for Christmas, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. When not on tour, the band is in demand for jazz festivals, corporate events, political rallies and party givers who hire it for Mardi Gras parties and other special events. With its regular show, the Southern Fried Jazz Band offers outreach programs for young audiences and jazz students in high schools, colleges and universities. These programs are designed to spark their interest in live jazz and enhance their skills as performers.

Whether you’re looking for a great band to fill the jazz slot on your performing arts roster, or a Dixieland jazz band for your next Mardi Gras party or corporate event, you need look no further than the Southern Fried Jazz Band. Whatever the occasion, the artists who comprise this band create incredible jazz that produces unforgettable memories.

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“The rafters rang with the infectious beat of Dixieland classics. Thanks to Edward’s knowledgeable commentary, ‘Is It True What They Say about Dixie.’ ‘St. James Infirmary’ and Basin Street’s ‘Dark Town Strutters Ball’ spring to vivid life.”

Naomi Donson, Art Beat
Sarasota Herald Tribune
Sarasota, FL

“Nobody called the fire trucks to quench the hot licks spewed forth by these red-speckle-vested veterans. The blazing, boiling music was just what the officials of this sizeable membership had booked, expected – and enjoyed immensely.”

Pat Hendricks
Charleston Gazette
Charleston, WV

“This is more than a great jazz band. People need to know that these guys are all artists in their own right. They were wonderful!”

Monnica Peinado
Everett Civic Music Association
Everett, WA